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Large oval 19cm high with 8-10 shrimp and black gravel.

Large oval 19cm black

  • The EcoSphere is a self-contained ecosystem. It is made of:

    - Glass: our glass is otherwise used in laboratories. It is as thin as possible, but as thick as necessary to ensure the best possible look.

    - Water: the water for the ecosystems is mixed and enriched in our laboratory in Germany. Salts, minerals and microorganisms are perfectly matched to the life of the shrimp in the ecosystem.

    - Gravel: we have been using artificial gravel for almost 20 years. Why? It is more sterile and lighter. This makes transportation for the shrimp much safer.

    - Shells: there are a few shells in every ecosystem. These do not necessarily serve as decoration, but are included in the system as mineral dispensers.

    - Magnet: there is a small magnet in the glass. With the help of the outer magner, found on the handbook, you can clean the inside of the glass.

    - Gorgonia: the branch in the glass is called a gorgonian. Since 2015 it is unfortunately no longer possible for us to obtain natural gorgonias from sustainable sources. In order to avoid damaging coral reefs, we have decided to only use artificial gorgonias. The gorgonia still serves as a seat and feeding ground for the shrimp, because the microorganisms also like to settle here.

    - Algae: every ecosystem contains green thread algae and brown surface algae. You don't necessarily have to see both. Both types of algae serve both as an oxygen supplier and as a feed dispenser for the shrimp.

    - Microorganisms: tiny bacteria take care of the "waste recycling" in the EcoSphere. The shrimp also like to eat these small inhabitants.

    - Shrimp: and now to the stars of the ecosystem. The number of shrimp depends on the size of the system. The shrimp are actually only beneficiaries of the cycle that functions without them. The cycle is intact even without shrimp.

    A manual with an external magnet is also included in the delivery.

  • Regulär innerhalb von 1-3 Werktagen Versandfertig, d.h. Lieferung nach ca. 2-5 Werktagen.

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